More Memories

A. V. Marron was born in Liberty County, Florida, March 16, 1888. Her father was Irish and was either a teacher or a river boat pilot, maybe both.I never knew him as he was drowned as a relatively young man. Her mother, whose first name might have been Mary Ann, was a Yent, an old family in the area, descended from Swiss colonists that had come to the Tallahassee area as a group in the early 1800’s. The Yents married into the Tuckers who were descendants of one of the early families in Williamsburg. ( Our children are 5th generation Floridians, a rare breed in the Sarasota schools in the 50’s and 60s)

Mother was only a toddler when her mother died and she and her two brothers went to live with her grandmother as part of a large family of aunts and uncles not much older than she was. I believe the brothers, like her father, drowned as river pilots.

I know little of her early life except for a few anecdotes. She was deathly afraid of cows and said that as a small child she got between a cow and her calf and the cow ran at her. She was snatched out of harm’s way at the last moment but never forgot her terror. I acquired some of that fear but tried very hard not to pass it on to my children. She also told of one snowstorm heavy enough that the kids slid down a shed roof. Snow was rare even that far north in Florida.

As a young woman Mother went to Tampa to love with one of her aunts and attend business college. I seem to remember her saying she later worked in the office of a plumbing company in Tampa. The uncle she lived with was a pilot on Tampa Bay, based on Egmont Key. That is where she got acquainted with Dad and Clara as the families were friends.

When Dad and Carl had been at Guantanamo Bay for a while following Clara’s death he wrote Mom a letter asking her to come to Cuba and marry him because he and Carl needed her. They were married in 1916 and I, Yvonne Steinel Johnson, was born February 23, 1918.

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