Memories (continued)

I have very few memories of life on the Naval Base as we left when I was four. I remember going to lunch with “Daddy” Gue and playing with their parrot. The Gues were close friends of Mom and Dad. In later years they came to Florida and. for a time. lived near us in […]

More Memories

A. V. Marron was born in Liberty County, Florida, March 16, 1888. Her father was Irish and was either a teacher or a river boat pilot, maybe both.I never knew him as he was drowned as a relatively young man. Her mother, whose first name might have been Mary Ann, was a Yent, an old […]


I decided to write this so that my children, grandchildren, etc. might know something of their forebears and of life in the 20th century.

I was told that my grandfather, Charles Augustus Johnson ran away from his home in Sweden at the age of13 and came to America where he went to work for his […]